How to Have Great Sex: The Best Positions

If sex is starting to hurt, then it is time to reconsider your sex styles. Sex must never be uneasy, except probably in that hilariously embarrassing way. Here’s the lowdown on how to have great sex.

Even though some positions did wonder for your last lover, your new partner would be undeniably unique. How their taste conforms with yours would determine painful or comfortable intercourse. If one position was not so exciting last time with lover B, it is fine to try again with lover C. This time, put our enhanced-for-satisfaction-and-comfort sexual positions here.

Using our how-to’s, you could learn about clitoral stimulation (and your pleasure). The only preparation you have to do if you want to know how to have great sex— and that’s real before any penetration with any lover — is by lubricating and communicating! Vaginal lubrication greatly reduces discomfort and friction (and it is perfectly fine to apply lube) and creates satisfying intercourse.

Sizzling Missionary

Free yourself from any old recollections of those innocent times when going up and down was all you knew regarding sex. Instead, make a different experience of the traditional missionary style. When you widen your legs, get your lover’s legs to straddle your body, allowing mutual sexual touching. That works well because it’s not reliant on size but on the bond the two of you possess.

Sitting on a Pillow Top

Get your favorite cushion, and put it below the pelvis for further support. Take the pelvis upward, bend the knees, then spread your legs enough to enable thrusting. What’s great regarding this position is it improves clitoral stimulation and lets you control the penetration’s depth.

Riding into the Sunset

Get on top and be the one in control. This position is excellent for cozy moments because it enables eye gazing and intimate kissing and allows you to have the rhythm you enjoy the best. Aside from placing the clitoris to your preference and boosting sexual stimulation, you could also rock your pelvis to make a satisfying tempo.

Lean into Me

Find a wall or a table to rest against. Choose who will hold each other’s bottom and wrap one’s leg around the other’s leg for support. Rouse each other by rubbing your clitoris over your partner’s sexual organs, and then settle into a lovely rhythm in which you can glide your body closer or even further away.

The Pair

Integrate your favorite position with self-pleasure by including how you like to feel great. If you’re used to self-stimulating your genitals while lying flat and not using a sex toy, try it while letting your partner touch or kiss your breasts.

A Bunny

Who said sex devices were only for one-on-one encounters? Dust your beloved vibrator to show it off to your partner. Plan to use it again the next time by instantly delivering clitoral stimulation while experimenting with other postures.

To increase your delight or to tease each other, use the different vibration settings. Try to avoid orgasming until you can’t anymore. When bringing in a new sex toy, you and your spouse must discuss everything and anything, especially what feels really good to one another.

The Strike

If you’ve tried everything but are still experiencing discomfort — particularly with penetration — it’s time to step away from it. Instead of concentrating on performance, emphasize sensuous touch, sexual massage, and satisfaction.

You may try 69 to spice things up at this time. Lie on your back and rotate your lover’s mouth towards your genitals as they turn theirs to face yours. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know one another.


Have an Open Mind

Suppose you have a sex-positive mentality, an open mind, lots of sexual conversation, and adequate lubrication. In that case, you’ll discover that there are various ways to “sexplore” and “sexperiment” with your significant other. But, before attempting any positions, keep in mind that the excellent sort of sex is one in which the exchange of sensations and wants is unrestricted.


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