Diversity of Food in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is one of the best cities for food. There are countless restaurants and bars to choose from when you’re hungry! Here’s a list of some great places in Sydney that provide delicious cuisine.

-Pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks: The pancakes here are absolutely delicious and to die for! You can either order a savoury or sweet pancake. They have so many different flavours of pancakes you’ll never get bored of them. My personal favourite is banana bread with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, ice cream and honeycomb. They also have a great range of milkshakes to go with your pancakes!

-Gelato at Gelatissimo: While you’re in Sydney, you should definitely visit this place. It’s the best gelato I’ve ever had and they make everything from scratch without any artificial flavours or colours. You can even choose your own flavours! I’ve tried the sea salt caramel, black forest and dark chocolate. They are all fantastic but my personal favourite is definitely the sea salt caramel because it’s creamy yet salty. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

-Pho at Phocafe: This Vietnamese restaurant has some of the best pho in Sydney! They make the beef broth for their pho in-house and it’s truly mouthwatering. I recommend getting their crunchy spring rolls with peanut sauce to start. The eggs are cooked perfectly over easy which adds a lovely creamy texture to the soup when you break them open!

-Risotto at Ristorante Caruso: This is an Italian restaurant that has some of the best risotto in Sydney! They make it right there at the front of your eyes, which makes it even more appetizing. You can choose from seafood or veal with their signature tomato sauce to pour over top. I recommend getting a side dish like garlic bread to go along with it for an extra crunch!

-Dumplings at Din Tai Fung: This Shanghai style dumpling restaurant has some of the best dumplings in Sydney. They have a huge range of different flavours and fillings for you to choose from. My personal favourite is pork with garlic chives, but all their other dishes are worth a try too. They have a great range of soups and other dishes to go along with your dumplings too!

-Hot Pot at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot: I love coming here for hot pot because it’s so much fun cooking everything yourself. You can choose from different broths, meats and vegetables to cook in the broth before you eat it. I recommend having a few friends with you so you can have a conversation while cooking everything in the pot!

-Fried Chicken at Bowery to Williamsburg: This place has some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, which is why it’s one of my personal favourites in Sydney. It comes out piping hot and they make it in front of you. I recommend getting the southern fried chicken with hot sauce, but all their other dishes are worth a try too!

-Burgers at Mary’s: This is the best place to get a burger in Sydney. They have so many different burgers with interesting flavours, you won’t be able to choose just one! My personal favourite is the roast chicken because it comes with avocado on top and I’m obsessed with avo! The wagyu beef burgers are also fantastic and come with different toppings like egg, pineapple or bacon. I recommend getting a side of onion rings because they’re the best in Sydney!

-Cupcakes at Miss Churros: This is my favourite place to get cupcakes in Sydney! They have unique flavours that you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else. The best flavours are definitely the cookies and cream, Nutella chocolate lava crunch, caramel apple pie and red velvet. They also have a range of churros with different dips like strawberry or salted caramel which you can eat alongside your cupcake!

-Noodle Soup at Pho Nom: This noodle soup is delicious and comes in a huge portion! You can choose your own meat like beef brisket or BBQ pork, but my personal favourite is definitely the chicken pho. It’s also very cheap compared to other places which makes it one of my favourites for budget eating too!

-Pepperoni Pizza at Buon Ricordo: This is the best pizza in Sydney, hands down! They have a huge range of pizzas with different toppings. I love their pepperoni because it’s really unique to Australia and comes with fresh chilli on top which gives it an extra kick. You can also choose your own dough and cheese to make it even more personal. I recommend getting a side of garlic bread because you can never have too much carbs!

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