What Are 20 Questions Swingers Ask Other Swingers?


Here are 20 potential questions that may come up in conversations between swingers:

  1. How did you get into the swinging lifestyle?
  2. What kind of experiences are you looking for?
  3. What are your boundaries and limits?
  4. Are you comfortable with same-sex play or only opposite-sex play?
  5. What kind of sexual health practices do you follow?
  6. Have you attended any swinger events or clubs before?
  7. What kind of fantasies or role-playing do you enjoy?
  8. What are your favorite sex positions or techniques?
  9. How do you typically like to initiate sexual play?
  10. What kind of toys or accessories do you like to incorporate into play?
  11. Have you ever experienced jealousy or insecurity in the swinging lifestyle?
  12. How do you communicate with your partners during sexual play?
  13. Are you interested in any specific kinks or fetishes?
  14. What kind of chemistry are you looking for in a sexual partner?
  15. Have you ever had a threesome or group sex experience?
  16. What kind of aftercare or emotional support do you need after sexual play?
  17. Have you ever experienced discrimination or stigma because of your involvement in swinging?
  18. How do you handle disagreements or conflicts with other swinging partners?
  19. Are you interested in a long-term swinging partnership or just casual play?
  20. How do you protect your privacy and anonymity in the swinging community?

What Kind Of Toys Or Accessories Do Swingers Like To Incorporate Into Play?

It’s common for individuals and couples in the swinging lifestyle to explore different forms of sexual expression and to incorporate a variety of toys and accessories into their play.

Some common toys and accessories that may be used in swinging play include:

  • Vibrators or dildos for women
  • Cock rings for men
  • Blindfolds or masks to heighten sensory experience.
  • Handcuffs or restraints to enhance power dynamics.
  • Whips or paddles for BDSM play.
  • Sex swings or other furniture designed for sexual exploration.
  • Lubricants, massage oils, or other sensory enhancers
  • Sensation play toys, such as feather ticklers or ice cubes
  • Anal plugs or toys for prostate stimulation
  • Strap-ons for women to engage in pegging play.

It’s important to note that the use of toys or accessories in swinging play should always be discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved and should be used in a safe and consensual manner. Effective communication and mutual respect are essential components of any successful swinging or other forms of sexual exploration.


Do Swingers Experience Discrimination Or Stigma Because Of Their Involvement? Is It Kept Secret?

Swingers and other individuals who participate in consensual non-monogamy may experience discrimination or stigma due to societal norms and negative stereotypes about non-monogamous relationships. This discrimination can take many forms, including judgment, ostracism, and even legal or employment discrimination. 

Many swingers may choose to keep their involvement in the lifestyle private or separate from other aspects of their lives in order to avoid discrimination or stigma. This can include using pseudonyms or other forms of identification, being selective about who they disclose their lifestyle to, and avoiding public displays of affection or other behavior that may draw attention.

Despite the potential for stigma and discrimination, the swinging community has also become more visible and accepted in recent years. Some cities or states such as this Alabama Swingers site have dedicated clubs or events for swingers, and there are even online communities and forums that provide a supportive space for individuals and couples to explore their desires and connect with like-minded individuals.

Ultimately, the decision to disclose one’s involvement in the swinging lifestyle is a personal one that should be based on individual comfort levels and safety concerns. Effective communication, mutual respect, and prioritizing consent are essential components of any consensual non-monogamous interaction, and should be prioritized above concerns about stigma or discrimination.

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