Things to do with a date in Perth

When you live in a city like Perth, Australia that is geographically isolated from the rest of the world, dating can be difficult. In fact, it’s been reported by many sources that people living in Perth are more likely to die alone with their cats than ever find love.

With this piece we hope to help save hundreds of suffering couples from suffering the same fate as those who have come before them! It won’t be easy – these activities will take time and energy and probably some money too – but we assure you: all of your efforts will be worth it.

From cycling on century-old trails through pristine native bushland just 20 minutes out of town to finding true love within half an hour on some of the best online dating sites , nothing is impossible.

Here is a list of just some of the things you could do on your next date night in Perth:

Quaaludes and 80s dance moves at The Bird

Perth has no shortage of bars and nightclubs , but perhaps one of the most enjoyable (and certainly the most entertaining) would be to check out The Bird. What was once an old brothel has now been converted into a vibrant bar and live entertainment venue where quaaludes come free with every drink purchase. If that wasn’t enough, they also boast a dance floor and DJ booth along with regular 80s nights where you can bust out those sweet, sweet moves like it’s 1985 all over again. Oh, what fun!

Surfing north-facing breaks at Scarborough Beach

North-facing breaks are known for their incredibly long, clean waves that only roll in every now and again, but it requires an incredible swell to form them. If you get the chance to catch a wave or two on your next date night then grab it – Perth is no slouch when it comes to water sports! Just remember not to take any wooden nickels…

Perth Observatory at The West Australian Astronomical Society Viewing Complex  Located less than 5 minutes drive from the CBD of Perth lies the Perth Observatory, home of Australia’s largest telescope. Here the brave will be able to gaze up into space while sitting on bales of hay under whichever constellation they please. And yes, you can bring some beer with you too.

Cooking classes at The Perth Markets

Couples in Perth are always on the lookout for fun new date ideas, and what better way to spend an evening with your partner than by learning how to cook their favourite dish? The Perth Market offers a large range of cooking courses designed to help you master some of the country’s tastiest dishes. If things go well, you can even consider inviting them over for dinner sometime!

There is just so much that goes into planning a great night out on the town that it can be difficult not knowing where to start. After all, dating is already hard enough without having all of these questions running through your head. We hope this! Remember: life’s an adventure. Go out, have fun and enjoy every moment of it!

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