Popular London Dating Events

When it comes to dating in London, there are many different events you can attend. From speed dating to sociable drinks to cookery lessons, there is sure to be a fun event for you. Most events are aimed at attracting singles and fostering conversation. Some even invite single friends of yours to attend too! Whatever your style is, London has a way of bringing people together in unexpected ways. Here are some of the most popular events in the city.

Smudged Lipstick

The Smudged Lipstick group has been running dating events in London since 2008. They have hosted everything from Jenga and Connect Four games to open mic nights and vintage video game nights. These events are unique because they let singles let their competitive side take control and vent their frustrations while meeting new people. These events are held at quirky multi-purpose venues, like The Book Shop in Shoreditch and Drink, Shop & Do in King’s Cross.

Smudged Lipstick hosts dating events that are all about a certain activity or theme. Dating events in London are not only great fun, but they are also extremely productive and result in a high number of dates. The events start with drinks and end with jenga games to introduce you to the perfect match. Once you find your match, make sure you go to their event to get the most bang for your buck.

Inner Circle

There are many benefits of attending an Inner Circle dating event. These events are screened and the participants are expected to be serious about their dating goals. The community has grown by more than 100 percent in the last 12 weeks. The club is a popular location for singles and flirts alike. You’ll have the chance to practice your chat up lines, and mingle with people who want to find love. Inner Circle events in London offer fun activities for singles to meet others.

Unlike online dating apps, Inner Circle events are organic, and designed to match users based on similar interests. They are free to attend and offer a safe space to mingle. Afterwards, you can spend time with the newfound friends and date. The social atmosphere and great food are guaranteed to attract like-minded people, and singles will have the chance to make new connections. While it’s important to choose your spot wisely, you might want to attend more than one event before deciding which ones are right for you.

Members of Inner Circle are highly educated and often hold top management positions at major companies. It’s important to note, however, that the intention of each member can be different. Nevertheless, the company’s security measures ensure that the profiles are 100% genuine. Inner Circle calls its services “selective dating,” and it’s worth the wait. If you’re interested in attending an event in London, don’t miss the chance to meet singles who share your interests and values.

Tantra Speed Date

What makes Tantra Speed Date, London dating events different from other singles events? It’s more than just a speed-dating event; the concept combines mindfulness exercises and relationship skills classes in a relaxed atmosphere. The sessions also include interactive activities and playful exercises designed to boost the energy of the participants and create an authentic connection. Afterward, participants have a chance to discuss their impressions of the events with their matches.

It has expanded organically, and now takes place in 25 cities across the world. The events are devoted to building real connections and fostering deeper intimacy in the bedroom. According to the producers of “Sex Life”, the unique approach to love has changed the way people interact with one another. The unique style of the events has resulted in life-long friendships and relationships, and has a 95% match rate.

The event promises a profound experience that will help participants improve their love lives. At a Tantra Speed Date, participants sit in a puja circle and engage in activities based on relationship skills and fun connection. The exercises draw on different practices such as improv acting and partner yoga. The sessions are not sexual, so they’re not for everyone. Attendees can’t expect a relationship, but they are guaranteed to enjoy the event!

Naturally Dating

The Inner Circle runs singles events in London. It is a dating app that hosts over 500 events a year, including singles nights with roses, DJ sets, and sax players. The event took place at the lakeside terrace in Battersea Park. The relaxed atmosphere and vintage music transformed the venue into a summery, laidback atmosphere. Naturally Dating events are a fun way to meet like-minded singles and get to know one another better.

The Speed Dating sessions at Naturally Dating events are designed to create excitement and introduce new people to each other in a short amount of time. The speed dating sessions are informal and relaxed, making them a great way to meet like-minded people in a relaxed environment. Naturally Dating events in London are also better than online dating apps in that they help you get to know new people in an easy, relaxed environment. Regardless of what type of event you choose, you’ll meet a range of interesting people.

You’ll meet people at these London Naturally Dating events and make new friends who might become dates. The more you get involved, the more you’ll widen your social circle and increase your chances of meeting a compatible partner. Many singles who attend these events have already met at a local pub beforehand. You’ll be surprised by the diverse range of people you’ll meet. You can even find your new hobby group in London!

Smudged Lipstick’s blindfolded / in the dark speed dating

This speed dating event is a bit different than your average dating experience. Instead of focusing on the physical aspects of attraction, Smudged Lipstick focuses on the senses. Each speed date features a specific activity, such as a game of Jenga or Connect Four. The funky and quirky venue also features mocktails. The best part? You’re not blindfolded!

Londoners are busy, have lots of places to go, and don’t always have time to meet someone special. While swiping on Tinder is convenient, it’s not as satisfying as meeting someone IRL. Smudged Lipstick’s blindfolded / in the dark speed dating in London events combine the classic five-minute rendezvous with fun activities, such as quirky exercise classes, boat parties, and quirky date ideas.

Inner Circle’s polo party

If you’re looking for a dating event in London, you might want to consider attending The Inner Circle’s polo party. The event is exclusive to members, but you can sign up for free to get a sneak peak of upcoming events. If you haven’t already signed up, you can check out their website for more information about the event. Besides offering exclusive invites, members get to meet other singles from London and the surrounding areas.

The inner circle team puts together exclusive parties in the city’s most romantic venues. You’ll be able to enjoy dazzling DJ sets, cracking cocktails, and beautiful burlesque performances. These events will take you to London’s top night clubs, rooftop adult playgrounds, and your favourite food festivals. What’s more, all of the events are accompanied by free drinks and food.

The London dating events offered by Inner Circle cater to the ambitious, young professionals. The events are free to join and members can also enjoy an exclusive polo matchmaking event, as well as other events. Members can chat with the people they’ve met at events like this. The events also feature dating advice on perfecting their online profile. Afterwards, they can even choose to meet some of their new friends at the party.


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