List of countries with the most sex tourism

Although sex tourism is relatively new, it is already a very popular destination, allowing travelers to get to know every corner of a new country through interactions with prostitutes. And this industry also has undisputed leaders, whose prostitutes are considered the best representatives of the ancient profession. Get to know more about the vip escorts in Mexico.

5th Cambodia

Cambodia is a budget option for tourists who are not afraid of hardship and dire conditions during their vacation. Although there are only a few large hotels and resorts, the country has an unspoiled natural environment and a special mindset of people. Many young Cambodian women have short-term affairs with foreign tourists, never mind earning a few dozen dollars in the process, and such behavior is not considered shameful.  Depending on the reputation of your partner and the rental location, a night of passionate love can cost anywhere from $1 to $50. In this country, there is also a VIP category, but the prices for intimate services by the best prostitutes are also several times lower than in the most popular countries.

4th Ukraine

Ukraine is known for having a large number of sex workers, even in remote areas of the world. Local girls are attractive, skilled, and hardworking. And although the intimate industry is not legalized here, no fewer than 200,000 escort girls and boys work in the country, according to the Bordelero website. Tourists also choose Ukrainian prostitutes because of their affordable prices and maximum professionalism. Even if a customer enjoys the daily company of a woman who is always available, it is unlikely that she will be able to spend more than $500 on a vacation.

3rd Netherlands  

Dutch prostitutes combine European quality with the Dutch desire for entertainment, which is why their intimate skills are known across the region. Every year, the country welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to immerse themselves in a world of paid debauchery and passion. However, it is important to know that for more reliability and quality, you will have to pay more money. A prostitute here will charge at least 30-40 euros for 20-30 minutes of sex.  The Netherlands is also known for its theme clubs, erotic shows, and sex theatres, and you come here not only to relax with affordable beauties but also to enjoy spectacular visual spectacles.

2nd Mexico

Online marketplace Her Pander identifies several common ways to meet Mexican prostitutes: nightlife, hotel and club managers, picking up girls on the street, and brothels. But the safest way to do this is through special Internet sources where thousands of attractive and passionate Latin Americans publish their profiles with photos.

The VIP segment in the country is well-developed, and prostitutes in CDMX, for example,  meet customers through high-class agencies, but the government not only approves and controls the work of prostitutes but also encourages business development.

1st Czech Republic

The local sex industry is rapidly developing, thanks not only to the Czechs’ liberal attitude towards free sex but also to the legal status of sex trafficking. Local prostitutes and prostitutes from neighboring countries work here, and well-known publications regularly publish pamphlets and brochures about the real work of prostitutes.

Erotic festivals and shows are held regularly in the Czech Republic, and locals prefer to hold their holiday and corporate parties in strip clubs and brothels. The country is also known for its sex toy museums and free brothels, where tourists are given rooms and prostitutes in exchange for permission to post meeting details on the establishment’s website.

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