Sex Education for Women: How to Pleasure Oneself

Let us take this not-so-secret secret out: women masturbate… lots of times. While most girls often stick to the clit when they do it, there are several who’re curious regarding getting a more ‘digitally’ stimulating experience. And no, we aren’t talking about porn. We are talking about knowing the right way to satisfy yourself using your fingers!

If you have not done it already or you aren’t having satisfaction from it, here is how to achieve it the right way:

Pamper Yourself

I do not know who needs to know this, but foreplay is not only for sex with partners. Similar to what you’d with your lover, prepare yourself for the event. Dressed up, wear that red dress you feel looks sexy, and take yourself out for a meal or some drinks.

Take a shower and light a few candles while playing Michael Bublé’s songs, or wear your sexiest underwear and gaze at your body in your mirror. Dressing up for that event and making yourself feel special will assist you in feeling even better (and more aroused) when you choose to masturbate.

Have a Pressure-free Moment to Explore

If you learn the stimulation types that you do not enjoy, you are already on your way to knowing what you prefer. This process takes determination, patience, and courage, and sometimes it needs a few misses to discover a hit. Give yourself lots of uninterrupted moments in exploring your body, and do not pressure yourself to climax by the end. If it occurs, good! If not, you are collecting valuable information regarding the right way to make yourself feel good. You can also get help from sexology courses online to guide you.

Use a Tool or Two

Riding solo could certainly involve toys! After all, no person has vibrating genitals or hands. Vibrators utilize rotary motors to generate buzzing, rumbly sensations that feel pleasant in and out. They could even stimulate deeper parts of your clit if you put sufficient pressure or possess an extremely strong vibrator.

Use Lube

Whatever kind of stimulation you prefer, lubricant is a must-have. It is not only for those who reached the postmenopausal stage. Even if you self-lubricate heavily, a decent lubricant will help you retain a smooth glide so you don’t become uncomfortable or rug burnt after your game. Water-based lubricant is suitable with all materials and is mess-free (though it can evaporate and need to be reapplied if you’re having a long session).

Start Outside and Work Your Way In

So, which aspect of ourselves do we start with? The sensitive front wall of the vaginal canal, often known as the G-spot, has gotten a lot of attention. On the other hand, the G-spot isn’t the most obvious place to start if you haven’t yet discovered what your body desires. Think about the clit, the only organ in the human body dedicated completely to pleasure.

Take a Class

If you like to “learn by doing,” there are workshops available that can help you not only have better sex and orgasms but also understand more about your body—which will lead to, well, better orgasms and sex.

You have various options: for example, you may enroll in an online sexology course, covering everything from sensual anatomy to stimulation to sexual response.

Try Dry Humping

If you are an adult woman, dry humping probably has not been on your head in a long time because it’s normally used when you’re younger or as an introduction to penetrative sex. Dry humping, on the other hand, may be best-pleasing for women of any age. If you have a sensitive clitoris, dry humping could be a terrific technique to stimulate the clitoral hood (similar to the foreskin of the clit) while avoiding the ow-ow-ow power of direct stimulation of your clit.


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